TRNZ (ti - ar - ɛn - zi) was introduced to art through locally dubbed Japanese animation airing daily on 90's television.
He is a visual artist with a penchant for misarrangement. 
The past, the concepts, the emotions, the intangible. Borrowing the meanings of the tangible and putting everything in their place, not where they're supposed to be. The logical world cannot make sense of them, but the absurdity makes all these, in some way of grasping it, right where they are supposed to be.

"My Idle Mind" Solo Show / Vinyl on Vinyl Gallery, Manila

ALT 2020 (Vinyl on Vinyl Gallery) Art Fair - Feb 13
Art Moments Jakarta 2020

"I May Destroy You" Solo Show / Vinyl on Vinyl Gallery, Manila
Art Moments Jakarta 2021
Asia Now Paris Art Fair 2021

Group Show - Streams Gallery, Hong Kong
"Cotton Harlequins"  Solo Show / Thinkspace Projects, Los Angeles
"Between Drywalls" Solo Show / Blanc Gallery, Manila
"Familiar Parts, All in the Wrong Places" Solo Show / Vinyl on Vinyl Gallery, Manila
Kawaii Art Fair - Seoul, Korea
Asia Now Paris 2022

"nothing washes, nothing grows" Solo Show /  Vinyl on Vinyl Gallery
"The Weight of Things" Solo Show / Thinkspace Projects, Los Angeles
Art Jakarta 2023